About Natalie

Natalie Rees is a podcaster, birth educator and freebirth advocate.

Her podcast The Renegade Mama has over 50 thousands downloads and has been listened to in over 91 countries. Her podcast shares stories of many strong and sovereign birthing women as well as well as home schooling stories. Natalie recently spoke at the 35th Homebirth Australia Conference on the topic of Freebirth – Taking Radical Responsibility.

Through her work she proudly shares her unique perspective of the world and helps guide women back to their innate knowing and primordial knowledge.

Natalie believes in walking her talk, living in integrity and  sharing aligned stories that create the world she desires to see.

She lives in Fremantle Western Australia with her husband and 3 children, where she runs a weekly homeschooling group and a monthly freebirth meet-up. Creating a sovereign conscious community is one of her many passions. Her first born was a home birth transfer with midwife born shortly after arrival and her 2 girls were both wild pregnancies and freebirths. Natalie’s other interests include biological breastfeeding, self healing, elimination communication and home education.

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