The Art Of Birth Workshop 

The conscious journey of autonomous birth 

Course Overview
This course is a deep dive into uncovering your personal truth and beliefs around pregnancy, birth and your motherhood journey. More than a workshop it is experiential, intimate and potentially confronting.

Expect somatic body movement, role playing and opportunities for deep reflection. The outcome is for you to uncover what you need to plan the birth that you desire. It will reveal how you move through life. We reflect on how and where we give our power away and we practice being in our integrity as we navigate our choices.

This special in person series is open to women who are currently pregnant or planning to embark of their pregnancy journey.

Course Outline

Each session will be presented as a seperate workshop covering the below themes:

  • Unpacking Beliefs
  • Vision/Aspirations
  • Walking the Underworld of Fear
  • Planning the Journey
  • Entering the Portal and Emergence
  • Rest and Recovery
  • Integration

Course Outcomes

Over the six weeks :

  • You will have a better understanding of your beliefs and needs around birth.
  • You will be able to own your birth decisions 100% and feel confident talking about it openly
  • You will learn to make choices with integrity – head and heart connecting
  • You will have a greater understanding how your menarche and your own birth influences your beliefs
  • You will have a community that you can check in with and stay connected via our private Facebook group
  • You will learn the importance of language in birth when creating your vision and be able rewrite your narrative
  • You will learn to integrate your birth regardless of outcome
  • You will learn about the importance of the mother baby dyad
  • You will connect to the innate wisdom of your body and harness the primordial energies to birth your baby

Session Details

When: 6 x Sundays

Dates: 11th February – 17th March 2024. 

Time: 10am – 2pm

Venue: Fremantle

Participants: 10 Women max

Price: $880.00 incl GST (Introductory Price)

Additional Information

  • Places are strictly limited to a maximum of 10 women. Applications are due by January 31st. Late application will only be accepted if spaces are available.
  • This is a submission based course. Please fill out the below form to be consider for application. Applicants will be vetted by the below form and a phone call interview prior to confirmation on the course.
  • Payment information will be sent after you are accepted on the course. The course is non-refundable and non-transferable.

About Norafiah

Im a radical birthkeeper, massage therapist and facilitator of energy for personal transformation, of many years. I deeply support traditional values and cultural practices that strengthen and facilitate our connection to our Spirit, our Ancestors and the Land.

I believe that Birth is sacred work and a deeply transformative journey for women.   We can invoke the collective wisdom of all women who have birthed and learn to trust our own innate biological wisdom and spiritual knowing of birth.
We ultimately uncover the inherent power we hold (and can wield).  In doing so we ensure our children inherit a lineage forged with strength, beauty, freedom and Love.

May we be blessed and protected on this journey, always.

About Natalie

Natalie Rees is a podcaster, birth educator and freebirth advocate.

Her podcast The Renegade Mama has over 50 thousands downloads and has been listened to in over 91 countries. Her podcast shares stories of many strong and sovereign birthing women as well as well as home schooling stories. Natalie recently spoke at the 35th Homebirth Australia Conference on the topic of Freebirth – Taking Radical Responsibility.

Through her work she proudly shares her unique perspective of the world and helps guide women back to their innate knowing and primordial knowledge.

Natalie believes in walking her talk, living in integrity and  sharing aligned stories that create the world she desires to see.

She lives in Fremantle Western Australia with her husband and 3 children, where she runs a weekly homeschooling group and a monthly freebirth meet-up. Creating a sovereign conscious community is one of her many passions. Her first born was a home birth transfer with midwife born shortly after arrival and her 2 girls were both wild pregnancies and freebirths. Natalie’s other interests include biological breastfeeding, self healing, elimination communication and home education.

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