Positive Birth Workshop

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Pregnancy is a time of deep spirituality and growth – a rite of passage whether it’s your first or your tenth child. I believe it is so important to take time for you and your baby in every pregnancy and this workshop gives you he space to do this.

In this workshop we explore the physical sides of pregnancy and birth through somatic body work as well as exploration of the mind and spiritual side of birth through vision boarding, journal writing and discussions.

I believe in the mind body connection and how important it is to link the two in pregnancy and birth so you can have the birth of your dreams.

  • What would it take for you to have the birth you want?
  • What does your upcoming birth look and feel like?
  • How do you want to feel after your birth?

I can help guide you to do your inner work so you can have the birth you and your family deserve and desire.

We Will Explore

  • Birthing Options
  • Birth fear releasing
  • Your ‘red thread’ or ‘Mother’ line
  • Birth visioning
  • The spiritual side of birth
  • Journaling

Feel safe and held while I help you explore exactly what you want for you birth.

Workshop Details

1.) Session 1 @ Palmyra Yoga Shala

In this session we meet for the first time and I welcome you to the circle. We connect to Mother Earth and each other in ceremony. I will introduce you to the themes we will be exploring and leave you with some journaling activities to complete by the the time we next meet. 

2.) Session 2 @ Palmyra Yoga Shala

This day is about unpacking your beliefs around birth. From the journaling activities you have explored in the week – we will talk through your red thread, your menarche and cultural experiences of birth. Talk about your fears and releasing them. The wound reveals the cure.

3.) Session 3 @ Palmyra Yoga Shala

This day is about bringing your birth vision alive. You will create your birth plan/map/vision. We will then do somatic work where we get out of your head and into your body. We will literally “act out” your upcoming birth – figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Don’t leave it to the day to figure it out – let’s explore it now. Confronted? Good! This birth and this is real. If you are struggling in this activity – it’s going to give you some big clues on what you need to figure before you actually give birth. How good is it that you are doing this now instead of in your actually birth? What a blessing, what a gift! We will then explore your vision for your postpartum period and how you can achieve it. Lastly we will be integrating your mind work into your body through song and dance circle.

Summary Dates & Cost

What : 3 x Sessions

Dates: TBA

No of Mothers : 8 pax *Tickets are strictly limited to a maximum of 8 participants.*

Cost: $250.00 incl GST


“This workshop was a really positive part of my pregnancy and birthing process. I had not been able to connect with similar minded mums in the mainstream groups or even friends without feeling fear or judgement. But in this circle of ladies, my choices and education surrounding a natural birth were validated, supported and celebrated. The topics covered really helped me to work through things I didn’t even realise were deeply affecting me. By the end all fears were replaced with my own personal mantras and I have so much knowledge. I feel a whole new level of confidence.” Ashlee

About The Renegade Mama

Natalie runs the podcast Renegade Mama. The Renegade Mama is about following your intuition not the institution. It explores themes of sovereignty, freedom of choice in birth, female empowerment and birth outside the system.

Natalie is a birth educator under the mentorship of registered midwife Norafiah Lever. She loves supporting women and helping guide them to find their own inner power. She lives in Fremantle Western Australia and where she runs a weekly natural parenting group, as well as a weekly homeschooling group. Her first child Charlie’s birth was a homebirth transfer with a registered midwife. She freebirthed her second child Stella at home with her husband, Mother and son Charlie. She is pro-choice and supports women in their varied choices for birth.

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